quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

I love you? (2/3)

- stop mocking me! - I'm not mocking you, my love, my dear..! - what did you say? - my dear. - no, before. - my love... - don't ever say that again. - what? - that I'm your love. do not say that. I overthink everything and I don't have the time to think about the little things you say. - but... but I love you. the problem is that there's no difference in english. what if I want to say something to you? what if I want to say que te quiero? porque te quiero muchisimo... - just don't say it. there's no difference in my language either, so I'm not able to understand it. desde então pergunto se há diferença entre querer e amar a todos os hispanohablantes. e a resposta é sempre a mesma: hay mucha diferencia. FML.

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